How It Works

  1. Schedule a Butcher Date
  2. Haul your animal in or we can come and butcher it
  3. Get us your cutting instructions
  4. Pick up your meat when it’s ready

1. Schedule a butcher date

We schedule all our butcher dates by phone, so give us a call


2. Haul your animals in or we can come out to you

There are 3 ways we can receive your animals:

  • Haul your animals to Greenleaf, ID
    • Cost: $70/hd kill fee hauled in
    • We kill all animals hauled in at a small farm down the road from processing facility (see map below)
    • Please note that it is a tight area to turn a trailer around.
  • Mobile Butcher – We come to your pasture to butcher your animal
    • Costs: $90/hd for mobile butcher
    • We must be able to pull our trailer right up to the animal after the kill, so please make sure your facilities can allow this.
    • Please see the map below of our service area for the mobile kill
  • Wild Game or Home Butcher (hunted or killed at home)
    • Costs: $80 – minimum up to 100 lbs (no direct kill fee)
    • All animals must be very clean and fully skinned & gutted and have proper tags that match the animal.
    • We have the full right to deny any animal we do not feel is properly skinned, clean or missing tags

3. Cut Instructions

We will cut your meat the way you want it to be cut. We can walk you through the cut order over the phone or when you come in to drop off your animals we can take your order then.

4. Pick Your Beautifully Wrapped Meat

Once we have cut and wrapped your meat it’ll be time to pick it up.

  • We will personally call you to let you know it is ready.
  • Payment is due upon pickup. (Check, Cash or Credit/Debit)
  • Please come prepared with plenty of coolers for we do not provide packaging materials.
  • Please pickup within 48 business hours of being called, or Greenleaf Meat Packing will charge $10/day storage fees.