As of now, we are currently accepting Wild Game.

You Shouldn’t Have to Worry About Your Quality Meat Getting Ruined.

You worked hard to raise your animals right, all that hard work should not go to waste because of a crummy cut and wrap job.

We are here to help remove the stress of getting your meat processed! Your quality meat, properly wrapped.

We’ve been processing meat for 40 years:

  • Humanely butchered with low stress
  • Specific cut sheets to YOUR specifications
  • Double shrink wrapped in plastic to assure no freezer burned meat

How To Get Your Meat Processed

1. Set up a butcher date

2. Bring your animal in or we can come out to you.

3. Pick up your meat and fill your freezer!

What our happy customers think of Greenleaf Meat Packing:

I’ve been using Greenleaf Meat Packing for over 6 years! We have butchered at least 100 animals with them and have had nothing but good experiences with them!

Liz Cunningham – Cunningham Pastured Meats

…We always have quality cuts and the best tasting meat you’ve ever had. They’re amazing at what they do and are as friendly as can be. Great prices and a great selection of what they can do for you and your family.

Jayme A.

…They are wonderful to work with, and we appreciate them.

Virginia R.

Get your quality meat wrapped properly.